AS3678 Gr250 Mild Steel Plate from

This is a very negative post but: It is all imported, reality is that it doesn't comply with Australian StandardsI'm not sure if this will help you much. I came across this document from the web at This appears to be South African Institute of Steel Construction. A comment on this document casually says "Where structural steel is used, it is currently standard practice in South Africa to use Gr 300WA steel or Gr 350WA steel." I can't verify this, but this may be a starting place for you. It looks like they use a grade 300 steel as the low end. is another link which may be helpful: ht tp://s teel-build ing-projec ts/doa nddont.htm BAHi kikflip, Negative ??!!!!?? I know it doesn't meet Australian standards, I am in Australia but the design I am working on is for a South African company and they will be building it in South Africa. Hence the reason I am looking for the South African equivalent.Thanks weab and BAretired your help was much appreciated. You have given me somewhere to start.kikflip/jakey, how don't they comply with AS3679 and what bolts are we getting then?AS3679 is the structural steel standard, not bolts. Non-compliance of SA steel has been assumed, not proven. It possibly could comply.ok, kikflip could you please explain your original post.Here is some contact information for steel producers in SA: