the comparison 201 410 304 stainless steel

Top responsesAK Steel publishes base price/lb for a variety of stainless grades at aksteel/pdf/markets_products/stainless/Stainless_Steel_Price_Book_20140902.pdf . I've found it to be a …read more3 votesYou should be able to find sources and even prices online for these. McMaster has most of the steels you listed available. Keep in mind quality is not a great word …read more2 votes201 stainless scrap is cheaper than 304. 201 stainless is stronger than 304. If you want a true price, call people that sell steels. scrapmonster/scrap …read more2 votesNot only is the type of stainless steel going to change the price of it, but so will the company you go with. Some places will offer better or different deals to their …read more1 voteSee allCorrosion resistance·